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Aircraft Hangar Doors

Many of the largest aircraft hangar doors in the world are manufactured and installed by Jewers specialist doors and carry the name Esavian. These aircraft hangar doors can be manufactured for any opening between 2 metres and 40 metres high (higher if required). The opening width is unlimited.

Flatfold Aircraft Hangar Doors

The Flatfold aircraft hangar door is a mid-range folding door from the Esavian line up. This bottom-rolling, insulated, steel hangar door is suitable for openings up to 30 metres wide by 8 metres high. The flatfold sliding and folding hangar doors are ideal for a large helicopter, or medium-sized aircraft hangars. When open, the hangar door leaves fold clear of the opening into small bunching areas, thus providing full opening width and height without compromising hangar space.

With its all-aluminium construction, the Esavian hangar door has an unbeaten track record of durability and longevity on aircraft hangars around the world.

The earliest examples of these hangar doors are still in operation at Airbus in Bristol and at Liverpool Airport - each dating back more than 50 years. Other examples of the type 1200 aircraft hangar doors have served over 30 years in the Middle and Far East.

Esavian hangar doors are designed for particularly tall openings (between 8 and 18 metres high) and unlimited width, making it a perfect door for apertures when stacking space is at a premium.

Esavian Type 126 Aircraft Hangar Doors

The flagship of the Esavian range of sliding aircraft hanger door, the TYPE 126 straight sliding door has been installed on the largest aircraft hangars in the world. With an unlimited span, it is also the most popular and cost-effective form of hangar sliding door available.
Our Esavian mid-range sliding doors utilises our robust Phoenix range composite panels to provide modular, visually appealing leaves.

With a maximum height of 12 metres and unlimited width, the 127 straight sliding doors are ideally suited for smaller aircraft hangars or larger vehicle openings.

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Sliding Aircraft Hangar Doors

Straight Sliding Folding Aircraft Hangar Doors