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Industrial Steel Doors

Designed to cater for a wide range sliding folding door systems
Manufactured by Jewers Doors, the Phoenix range of Industrial steel doors comprises three different products/phoenix-industrial-sliding-folding-doors/swift - Swift, Osprey and Kingfisher - all are commercial sliding folding steel doors designed to cater for a wide range of tasks with a maximum opening height of 6 metres.

Swift Bi-Fold Steel Doors
The Swift bi-folding steel doors are side-hung, fast-acting, bi-folding industrial doors ideally suited for emergency service appliance bays and other industrial applications where reliability, speed of operation, durability and security are prime considerations.

Swift bi-folding steel doors have automatic operation and take only seven seconds to fully open - regardless of size. In the event of a power failure or for hand-operated bi-fold steel doors, manual operation is effortless - allowing access in as little as two seconds. No other bi-folding steel doors will give you this speed of operation and full security at all times.

Swift bi-fold industrial door systems are available in seven different leaf configurations, with any combination of one, two or three leaves hinged to one or both jambs.

Osprey Multi-Leaf Sliding Folding Doors
Extremely versatile industrial bi-fold metal doors from the Phoenix range, Osprey combines robust design with modern appearance to provide the ideal sliding door systems for wider span openings. Factory tested for over 250,000 continuous operations, these multi-leaf sliding and folding commercial steel doors have been rigorously engineered to provide years of reliable service.

Applications Include:

Small aircraft and helicopter hangars, military vehicle garages, workshops, loading bays, bus garages, power stations, etc.

Kingfisher Straight Sliding Door Systems
Kingfisher industrial door systems can be made to suit any size of opening up to 6 metres high. Whether for a private aircraft hangar or a clean room in a pharmaceutical factory, Kingfisher straight sliding doors will fit.

Kingfisher industrial metal door systems are available as either a bottom rolling or top hung system, sliding on one or multiple tracks, manual or power operated, the Kingfisher metal doors are highly versatile performers.

Industrial Steel Doors with superior qualities

These sliding folding door systems and bi-fold doors are well-known and a successful design that has proved its superior qualities in widely varying specialist door systems throughout the world.

Whilst individual in operation and design, these industrial metal doors have robust construction, stylish appearance, highly engineered components, ease of operation and high quality. The Kingfisher industrial sliding-folding doors provide excellent value for money.

Constructed using our unique rigid composite panel system, the Phoenix range of industrial sliding and sliding folding steel doors are designed to meet the harshest of industrial applications, whilst maintaining strong architectural appeal. All our sliding folding door systems can be supplied to operate electrically or by hand. The maximum opening height for Phoenix industrial sliding doors is 6 metres. 

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