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Lok’nStore have installed Jewers’ Swift bi-folding doors

Leading self-storage specialists Lok’nStore have installed Jewers’ Swift bi-folding doors for customer access at their depots throughout South and Central England.

Lok’nStore Group Integration Manager Tom Lampard explained, “These doors are being used day in and day out so they had to be durable and low maintenance as well as secure to protect our customers’ precious belongings. Customers can turn up at any time during opening hours when they want access to their property, and it’s not practical to have fully trained staff on hand just to operate the doors. Therefore the doors had to be easy for anybody to operate, and safety was a key issue to avoid any mishaps during operation.

The doors supplied and installed by Jewers were manual versions of the successful Swift bi-folding doors. These robust doors are designed for heavy duty applications, and the low resistance hinges ensure continued effortless operation.

Jewers’ director Mark Jewers commented, “The doors are to be operated by the public as well as staff, hence have been designed with ease of operation and complete user safety in mind.  Our manually operated doors incorporate soft compound weather seals to all edges, which protect against finger and toe trapping, robust moulded pull handles and waist height drop bolts to maximise safety during operation.   The doors are side hung with a simple guide track at the head to control the movement of the leaves.  At the floor there is no bottom track, but an extremely low profile chamfered threshold plate with anti-slip grooves assists door operation and increases user safety.”

Lampard added, “These doors are our customer interface and an integral part of our public image. The white panel finish is hard wearing so they will always look good, while the minimal maintenance will help ensure we can continue to provide the highest quality of service for all our customers.”