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Esavian Flatfold Doors

Esavian Flatfold Bottom-Rolling Folding Door

The Flatfold door is a mid-range folding door from the Esavian line up. This bottom-rolling, insulated, steel door is suitable for openings up to 30 metres wide by 8 metres high. It is ideal for large helicopter or medium-sized aircraft hangars. When open, the door leaves fold clear of the opening into small bunching areas, thus providing full opening width and height without compromising hangar space.

Key Features

  • For openings up to 8 metres high by 30 metres wide. No load-bearing portal frame required - door weight taken on floor.
  • Power operated as standard.
  • Minimal bunching space. A 30-metre wide bi-parting door will bunch into less than 2 metres beyond each jamb.
  • Hand wind versions available.
  • Control system postioned on front edge of door to allow operative to 'walk' the door open and closed.
  • Inverter control provides smooth acceleration and deceleration during start-up and stopping.
  • Full factory finish available in any colour.
  • Door frames, mullions and sliding posts are galvanised prior to final finish.
  • Single bottom track set flush into floor.


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