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Esavian Type 126 Hangar Doors

Esavian TYPE 126 Straight-Sliding Doors

The flagship of the range, Esavian TYPE 126 straight-sliding doors have been installed on the largest hangars in the world. With an unlimited span, it is also the most popular and cost-effective form of hangar door available.

The steel-framed construction of these bottom-rolling, sliding doors accepts any cladding or glazing system (or cladding/glazing combination) and can incorporate in-built truck doors and personnel doors.

Key Features

  • Robust steel construction bottom rolling, sliding door.
  • State-of-the-art drive systems with user-friendly controls.
  • Multiple safety devices available.
  • Heights ranging from 6 metres to 40 metres and unlimited width.
  • Unlimited choice of cladding, glazing, colours and configurations.
  • Full weather-sealing.


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