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Swift-SEW Bi-Folding Doors

Swift-SEW bi-folding door system

The Swift-SEW bi-folding door has been purpose designed to accommodate the taller openings, overhead electrification wires and rail tracks through the doorway, not forgetting the daily operational demands and unrivalled safety requirements of modern rail maintenance depots. 


Based on the original Swift door, the Swift-SEW incorporates sturdier hardware and a powerful central inverter drive unit working in tandem with a programmable smart relay control board to create an extremely smooth, safe, and future-proof door system that will last as long as the building.


Rail projects are not limited to Swift-SEW doors.  For wider apertures where greater flexibility of rolling stock movement is required, horizontally moving Osprey and Kingfisher doors provide versatile opening solutions not possible with vertically moving doors.  Original Swift doors are commonly used for stores and workshop buildings where a smaller, simple door is required.


Our door solutions are not just about being robust and durable; the Phoenix range also combines aesthetic appeal with modern technological advancements to offer rail facilities a comprehensive package that not only gives a reliable service, but can also complement new and existing architecture.


Swift-SEW – Key Features

  • Side-hung and without a floor track to ensure door leaves glide across rail tracks.

  • Electrically operated via a smooth, powerful, fast and efficient helical-worm gear motor producing high torque.

  • Effortless and instant low-level manual override handle.

  • Door closes around overhead electrification wires (OLE).

  • Designed for openings up to 5 metres wide and up to 7 metres high (max 32.5m2)

  • Multi programmable smart relay control board provides complete flexibility of operation.

  • Control board integrates with BMS (building management system) and DPS (depot protection system) to create ultimate safety.

  • Automatic solenoid floor bolts provide additional security and protect against high winds.


DownloadSPECIFICATION - Swift-SEW technical specification
DownloadPDF DRAWING - Swift-SEW 2+2 leaf electrically operated
DownloadBROCHURE - Phoenix sliding folding doors