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Sliding Folding Doors & Bi-Fold Door Systems

High Performance Commercial Sliding Folding Doors & Bi-Fold Door Systems for Industry

Jewers Specialist Door Systems is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of sliding folding door systems, high performance commercial steel doors and aircraft hangar doors. The company's range of commercial steel doors include the world renowned Esavian flatfold aircraft hangar doors and the range of Phoenix sliding and folding door systems

Jewers Specialist Industrial Doors design and manufacture industrial sliding folding door systems which incorporate the very latest concepts and technology. Jewers Specialist Industrial Doors export our commercial steel doors and sliding folding door systems around the world. We are constantly striving for new and original design ideas to maintain our position as world leaders in specialist industrial folding doors and commercial bi-fold door systems and high security door systems.

Our Range of Sliding Folding Doors and Bi-Fold Door Systems

Jewers Specialist Industrial Doors has produced some of the world's largest commercial sliding and bi-fold doors and high security door systems and is widely recognised as the market leader in the field of aircraft hangar doors with its Esavian sliding hangar doors. Esavian products/phoenix-industrial-sliding-folding-doors/swift include the TYPE 126, TYPE 127, TYPE 1200 and Flatfold doors.

On a smaller scale, the Phoenix sliding folding door systems and bi-fold sliding folding commercial steel doors are designed for all manner of vehicle openings, including fire and ambulance stations, loading bays, warehouses, car showrooms, vehicle workshops, train sheds and helicopter hangars - to name just a few applications. 

Swift Bi-Fold Door Systems are side-hung bi-fold doors ideal for high security commercial applications and Osprey multi-leaf sliding doors are ideal commercial door systems for wider openings. Kingfisher sliding folding door systems can be designed for any sized opening and are available as top hung or bottom rolling commercial steel doors.

In addition, the High Performance range of commercial steel doors, which includes Blast, Acoustic, High Security and other high integrity doors, has many special features. These industrial door systems are specified for projects as diverse as power stations, munitions stores, bonded warehouses and theatres.

Within our range of commercial sliding doors and bi-folding door systems, we hope you will find a door to suit your application. If you can't, we can design and make bespoke sliding folding door systems for you.

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