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Specialist Doors

Specialist Doors providing high performance protection for people & property

As their name implies Jewers High Performance specialist doors have been developed to meet extremely stringent performance criteria in respect of protecting people and property from man-made and environmental threats.

Acoustic Specialist Doors
Soundly engineered specialist doors for use everywhere when noise suppression is critical. Jewers acoustic specialist doors are manufactured to withstand high levels of noise.

There are a number of configurations for our acoustic specialist doors - bi-folding, sliding folding, horizontal sliding, vertical lifting or side hinged - we manufacture specialist acoustic doors in all sizes from personal access to aircraft hangar size and all our acoustic doors feature our unique Acoustic Matrix System that reduces noise by between 27 and 48dB.

Blast Resistant Specialist Doors

Our blast resistant specialist doors provide safety and security against risks posed by volatile industrial processes or explosive devices.
Happily, some of these explosive risks can be minimised by blast resistant doors. We have been making blast resistant industrial doors for years and the current range of industrial high performance security doors are at the cutting edge of technology. So, no matter what the potential blast pressure or aperture size, we can design, build and install a specialist security doors to contain the threat.

Specifically designed to cope with explosive or volatile chemical eruptions, our doors can be made to resist shock pressures between 10 and 10,000KN/m2 (1.5 to 1450psi). There is a choice of single or double leaf side hinged, sliding, folding or bi-folding configurations, all available with integrated high security locking systems.

Specialist Doors for Special Projects

Jewers specialist doors has the technical expertise and architectural flair to design sliding folding specialist doors to suit your specific requirements. If you can't find what you are looking for in our brochures, we will design and make it for you.

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Acoustic Specialist Doors